The Start

I guess the best place to start this is with my own tale.

I’ve spent countless hours playing video games, Its my escape and one of my favorite pass times. I’m always looking for new challenges, better builds and deeper stories. But i never thought of myself as addicted, or more accurately compelled to game. Hindsight is a cruel mistress sometimes… For me it started with Metal Gear Solid, id played a lot of games before but MGS1 was the first game I couldn’t stop playing. I remember fighting with my parents about it on more than one occasion.

Then i got into RPG’s the Final Fantasy series took hundreds of hours especially number 7.

But it wasn’t dangerous, I wasn’t doing badly in school or social reclusive.

Its wasn’t until Eve Online…That was my weakness, more hours than id like to think about went into that, classes were skipped, friends were neglected, I stayed up for hours playing, cramming assignments when I had too. My frustrations with the games changing monetization methods ended my pursuits but it wasn’t long before i felt that compulsion once more in different games.

Now I’m a little smarter but i still get caught out, I’m in a tug of war against myself.

So i started investigating, and it lead me here.

So here is where I’ll start you.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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