Wasting time is something I’ve always been fearful of, I guess to some degree that sounds like i would largely be at odds with my gaming habits.
At the risk of linking to something id rather not see traffic go to, this site (http://www.video-game-addiction.org/) represents basically everything I feel needs to change in our approach to video gaming. These attitudes towards games, the focus of blame and the ‘solutions’ suggested are clearly the pipe dreams of specific conservative individuals with little research of knowledge on the topic.
Click your way through a few pages and you will find not so subtle advertisements of this organisations treatment program.

It is exactly this kind of nonsense that makes me desperate to change the perceptions of game compulsion, and it is only with your help that positive steps can be made.

So tell me your stories, your tales of marathon sessions and lost connections. What drove you to games and what brought you back. How do you stop the compulsion’s attack.
Because to make any kind of difference we must flank on all sides and try to approach the rest with a touch of surprise.

Time playing games is never a waste, its just time learning skills that you can translate in to other parts of your life.
Don’t get discouraged,  carry harder.




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