Adventure Time

Why do you play games?
Here is a Doco I made early this year for an assignment.

In this i go into detail about the extend of my play, I guess, like the other guys i interviewed, I am in some form of denial to the actual time i spend playing.  So I am going to set a challenge and I would love for you all to Join me.
Take a moment and set up a piece of paper near your game station of choice, record the exact time you play games.

In my experience, genuinely knowing how much time you spend playing allows you to asses your priorities and make sure your not falling off the bandwagon.

For the next week I’ll be updating my twitter with the Hours I’ve spent gaming,
Follow me on twitter and reply with your own record.

stating tomorrow of course 🙂




One thought on “Adventure Time

  1. Hey!
    I find this hard to do in a consistent basis. I once recorded by memory how much I played (because it had been WAY too much) and kept doing that for the next two days. When I saw things got better, I thought I had improved and it would never happen again (3 hours a day vs 14 sound like a huge improvement).
    Lately I’ve been writing down at what time I start playing, how I’m feeling and how focused I am. I then play away and enter the same data once I’m done. I’ve been doing it consistently and my results kinda scared me…

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