More Than A Game

To some extent the buzz around mobile games is validated by the huge user base these games seem to draw.

Candy Crush is a classic example of what is basically Bejeweled with a creative twist and solid plan to pull money from people.
I recently read a blog detailing a lady’s complete addiction to candy crush.
I found the description of her addiction, or rather compulsion rather interesting.

The author doesn’t consider herself a gamer yet additively plays video games. It is indeed interesting to me that many people don’t consider mobile games in the  same light as they consider console gaming. I wonder if these people consider portable consoles in the same light?

I know that i get weird glances playing my Gameboy on the buss but i certainly don’t feel that way when i smash out a few rounds of doddle jump on my phone. Regardless I think it raises an interesting issue within our little world. Its funny to see how “Video Games” seem to be defined.

Do you think mobile and social games are belong under the same banner as video games?

Before you answer let me give you my 10c. I’m not a big mobile or social gamer. Facebook games really aren’t my cup of tea and most mobile games are similar. I do however enjoy many portable games for the DS and my old Gameboy Colour.
To me, regardless of my opinions on the games, i believe they are all games.  I think this view is shared by many of my gamer friends.

Maybe I’m wrong?
Let me know what you think.


One thought on “More Than A Game

  1. I think that they are games as well. But they do serve a very different market. I find that the mobile games I used to play (I got sick of them) were to kill time and that was their main function. I did not think about them apart from a distraction from the boringness of bus rides. The games I still play on the Xbox (I know its lame …I am going to buy a PC soon) I really enjoy and look forward to. They are not just a light bit of colorful fluff but are immerse stories and challenges that I can really get hooked onto. This is not to say that mobile games cannot do the same thing… I just think they rarely aim for that at all. They try and be gimmicky and fun and revolve around doing the same thing over and over again to beat your high score (angry birds / temple run).

    I think most mobile games have been successfully classed as casual games. This partly because casual games you pick up quickly play for 10 mins and then can put down. This is the aim of the game to proved light fun. Whereas many games that I have immersed many hours into (GTA 5 recently and before that Half life and elder scrolls) I play for hours at a time and really don’t want to put it down. I cannot see myself playing angry birds for 3-4 hours at a time.

    I think an analogy might make it easier to put my point across. Casual games are not that different from what I call “light ” literature. The books only take a short time to finish and can easily fill 10 mins on the bus. Books like Harry potter etc fill this category. Then serious games are little like what I call “heavy” literature … sometimes you have to work hard to understand it… sometimes it may take you months to finish a book (e.g crime and punishment, anakarina , any dickens) … but the pay off is much larger and it fills a different purpose and space in your life.

    So in summery casual games are games just like harry potter is still a book (not a proof just to highlight my point)… they serve a different purpose to the more serious games… they aren’t necessarily worse …. just diiferent.

    I hope my comments are helpful


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