More than anything else stress makes me work, but it also makes me want to game.
This impossible situation leads to a closely matched mental battle that boils away as I try to stay focused.

Usually when i feel myself distracted by something i just need to remove it, or myself to a  more secluded environment where I can study uninterrupted. The problem is, like most university students my work centers around my computer and my gaming is also centered on my PC.
It the one distraction i cant escape.

Sometimes I think i might uninstall my favorite games as a way of avoiding them but i can never bring myself to do it. So i think, I’ll create a separate account on my PC that can only access the stuff i need to study…but then i never log into it. For me what it comes down to is wants and requirements.

When I want to do a assessment i never find myself troubled by distractions. But that assignment becomes on in itself. I can avoid doing the work I don’t like by doing the work i do. Then i reward myself, for doing my work, with a few rounds of League of Legends and I feel like I’ve had a good day.

The problem is i haven’t done the work I need to do which is always they work that takes the longest, takes the most research and requires more academia than I can handle.

Do you ever get into this cycle? Are games the biggest distraction to your work?


One thought on “Stress

  1. Indeed this is a never-ending viscous cycle of stress, guilt and discomfort. All in all it is purely the unengaging, tedious and time-consuming nature of University assessments and tasks which forces upon us. If learning could be more visual and engaging, not only would procrastination be a non issue but also the quality of education and the knowledge of ALL children and teens as a whole would increase.

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