The Player or The Game

In my time around the gaming community I’ve seen article after article on the topic of addiction.
The addiction topic unfortunately isn’t usually brought up by gamers and is often the subject of criticism from beyond the community.

This type of critique is often in a small whirlwind around the latest title to feature persistent online play or a recent incident of extreme addiction. The discussion often turns to what is addictive about the game itself, what external force can be blamed or can be attributed to an increased risk factor.

The biggest problems with this is, the community itself doesn’t really put the effort into tackling the issue. Instead, spiteful at the intrusion of outsiders, we tend to lash out in hate at critique of our medium.

This isn’t a good think.

I am all for defending games, rarely can a game be blamed for the bad decisions of a player but we cannot tell people that through hate.
behaving that way, flaming and carrying on only cements negative stereotypes that these outlets can circulate.

It’s an unfortunate reality of such a large and passionate community. Sometimes i think we need a little bit of self assessment. Addiction should be a topic we deal with. That way we can show the world, its not the game its the player that needs change.

Don’t you agree?


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