Most outside sources speaking about game addiction focus around the signs and warnings someone you know might be addicted.
One of the major signs is so called ‘marathon sessions’, times where players spend a whole day playing.

I know as someone who passionately enjoys games that i can spend an entire day playing. Provided I’m free of assignments i probably will.

Think about it like this,
If i was to spend all day at the skate park would that be a bad thing? Would people consider it to be one?
What about people like my dad who spend hours running every second day, is that addiction? Of course not.

But it is compulsion, the missing stage of normality that seems to elude the minds of concerned parents and members of the public. Sometimes I feel like people have forgotten there are many stages between playing all Saturday and playing three days straight till you have a heart attack.  In the last few days I’ve been busy with assignments and my gaming has adjusted to suit.
Largely my normal two to three hours has been pulled right back to zero to one. The more I avoid games, the more i want to play.

Do you feel the same?

WebMD would consider than withdrawal symptoms, but is it?
Surely I can’t simply miss a favored pass time?

Apparently not.

Any of you had a similar experience?
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