Before We Go

As this campaign draws to a close I want to encourage people to look deeper into the issue.

Game “addiction” may soon find its way into the DSM, centers for addiction are already opening there doors to treat people.
So I encourage you all to ponder the fundamental issue here…Why

Why do I retreat to games.
This should be the first question of anyone who has ever found themselves awake at 5am grinding that ‘one last level.’
It should also be in the mind of anyone seeking to ‘cure’ video game addiction. If we focus on what makes our past time take over then we can learn to use this wonderful medium in a health ad constructive way.
But first we need to come together, as a community, and make changes to the way we tackle this issue.
Flaming anyone outside the community who dares challenge our habits is often the first response of many players. It is also the response they expect, further feeding the image of an overweight basement dwelling monster they think we will all become. We must break out of this loop. We must be the change makers as we cannot let our community fall victim to people who think games are inherently evil.
At the same time we must not shy away from the reality that many of us struggle with a compulsion to play and to escape. In this we must support each other and ensure we treat our struggling amigo’s with as much support as a fed Sona stacking cool-down reduction and spamming heals.

If we can’t show skeptics that we know our own issues then we can’t expect them to leave it to us.

Thanks for stopping by.

I’m going to try a grind my MMR back to reasonable level, I may be some time.
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What game are you heading to?